Vocabulary Course Release & Special Discount

I am excited to announce that my new course is finally live on the UDEMY website! My special new course is vocabulary-centered.  It features 100 important vocabulary words that every English speaker should know, whether you have been speaking English all of your life or are an English second language learner.  Besides just presenting and teaching 100 words, this course also features live video lectures on learning vocabulary intuitively, word structure and word patterns. The course curriculum has downloadable materials, online resources, and interactive quizzes. So in reality, this course doesn’t just teach you 100 words, it teaches you how to keep learning new words.

In designing and producing this course, my intention was to make it affordable and accessible (one of the reasons I like using UDEMY).  The regular price of the course is $29, however I am pleased to announce a special discount for my Aaron’s English Page fans.  Use this link: https://www.udemy.com/word-knowledge-100/?couponCode=halfprice to get the course at LESS THAN HALF PRICE for $14.  Share this code with your friends, but keep in mind that the quantity is limited and it is only available for a limited time.

vocab power 100
Vocabulary Power 100

One of the reasons I decided to make this course was because I noticed a need for quality instruction that did not focus on boring memorization of vocabulary words.  It is very difficulty to improve your English, or any language, that way.  In order to actually be able to make new words a part of your speaking and writing, they must be part of an internal word bank in your brain that can be accessed quickly, without thinking too hard about it.  In my teaching of English, I use an intuitive methodology.  That really just means learning by using.  I have found this is the easiest, quickest and all around most effective way of speaking fluently, learning grammar and usage or vocabulary (even if it is for a language you have been speaking all of your life).  Because everyone is has their own unique learning style, a multi-approached method of presenting new information targets different areas of learning to make a mental connection.

Try this:  The next time you learn a new word, try an intuitive method.  Here are few ideas:

  • Listen to or read a word in its natural setting– examine the context.
  • Write the new word down, and make a sentence using it correctly.
  • Say the new word– focus on correct pronunciation and then use it in conversation.
  • Find a picture or an object that illustrates the word.
  • Make a mental note every time you hear, see or use the new word.

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