6 Keys to Fluency: 1. Study in the Correct Way

This series of blog posts supplemented with videos is all about improving fluency.  This first video will help you understand what it means to be fluent and discuss the first key to fluency, Study in the Correct Way.

Some things to consider about your studies:

  • Is my instructor certified?  Are they a native speaker with a good accent?
  • Do I use online sources I am sure are accurate and correct?
  • Am I having to try to later unlearn bad language habits?
  • How do I learn best?  An audio learning learns by listening, a visual learner learns by watching or reading and a tactile-kinesthetic learner learns by doing an action while learning.

Some ideas for studying creatively:

  • Listen to and watch native speakers on TV and in movies
  • Read interesting stories, magazines or books in English
  • Listen to English language music or podcasts while exercising or doing chores
  • Draw pictures of things you are learning as well as write words
  • Write music, poetry, short stories or even jokes in English
  • Play games that help you learn English

Happy learning!  The next post will discuss another key to fluency.


2 thoughts on “6 Keys to Fluency: 1. Study in the Correct Way

  1. Mr Hutchinson, thank you for this unespected post, it’s quite interesting. Actually, among all Udemy’s courses I chose your after reading you are a certified theacher and a native speaker. I really appreciate your last course on vocabulary building. My biggest troubles are making quiestions with the correct strucures (I mean using the correct auxiliary and verb’s tense) and inreasing my vocabulary.
    Thanks again and best regards.


    • It is great to hear from you! Thank you for commenting on our new course. I like to know what people find most difficult about the English language, and I will keep it in mind for a future blog post.


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