6 Keys to Fluency: 2. Learn by Listening

You can learn quite a bit just by listening.  Listening engages your brain and helps you to recognize and remember things you have learned.  When learning a language, like English, taking time to listen is very important.  In this video, I’ll discuss what you can listen to and how listening can help you understand native speakers better and even speak more fluently, just like a native speaker.  This is done through stressing the proper words and understanding sounds– take note of the example I give.

Try this:  Listen for the schwa sound in native pronunciation.  It is that neutral “uh” sound that is described by an upside down ‘e’ in dictionaries.  Native speakers use the schwa sound for function words and to connect words together, and this can make it difficult with listening comprehension for learners.  Mastering the pronunciation and usage of the schwa sound in words is important to achieving fluency in English.


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