Successful Public Speaking

You may not know that I am also a partner in a public speaking consulting project called Ovation. We provide consulting and educcommunicateational courses to help people improve their public speaking skills. We primarily deal with native speaking English speakers, but the principals we teach are also helpful for higher level non-native speakers and really anyone that has to speak in front a few or thousands of people.

Public speaking is consistently rated as the number one fear of people. Why is that? Physiologists have targeted a number of reasons, but mostly it comes down to wanting to look one’s best in front of other people. We know that when we are in an audience we are either consciously or unconsciously judging the speaker, what they are saying or not saying, how they look and even how they present themselves. When everyone is focused on you, looking and listening to you, it can be scary. Your heart starts to beat faster, your palms sweat, your hands and knees tremble, your mind races and your mouth goes dry. These reactions are primitive stress-fear related and do not help you out at all when you need to speak, but rather make it more difficult for you to relax and deliver your message.

The key to successful public speaking starts way before you stand up to speak. Good preparation not only ensures that you have something meaningful and interesting to share, but gives you the confidence that will help calm your nerves. Learning tips and techniques to speak clearly, concisely and fluidly go a long way, but confidence and calmness under the stress and pressure that comes with the demands of public speaking makes the difference between a not-so-bad speaker and an outstanding speaker.

The next time you have to speak in front of any number of people try this: A minute before you begin to speak, stop, take 3 deep breaths and exhale slowly, close your eyes and relax your shoulder and jaw muscles, open your eyes smile and think about something happy and positive. This simple and quick exercise relaxes and prepares your body to speak. By breathing deeply, more oxygen gets to your brain and helps you think better. It helps your muscles to relax, making it easier for you to speak and pronounce words. Finally, smiling and thinking positive instantly makes you look more attractive to others.

Check out Ovation Public Speaking with online courses powered by UDEMY:


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