Metathesis in English

The term ‘metathesis’ means that when a word is pronounced certain vowel sounds or syllables are transposed, or shifted. It’s one of the more common reasons for mispronunciation of words in English. It happens because our brains often try to work out an easier, more logical or more comfortable way to say something. Even if we know the correct pronunciation of a word, it may be difficult to say it correctly. Another related reason for metathesis is popularity. Popular, but incorrect, pronunciation of a word may obscure, or make it difficult, to remember or use the correct pronunciation. But what really is correct pronunciation of a word? This may seem like an easy question, but in reality English has changed and is continuing to change. Some “correct” pronunciations of common words we use everyday are actually the metathesized versions of the original pronunciation that changed with time and usage. Watch my blog video at the link below to learn a little more and see some examples.




How Respectable Is Your Vocabulary?

A good understanding of English vocabulary is very important.  Not only must you understand words that you read and hear to fully grasp the meaning of what is being written or said, but you must be able to correctly use a wide range of words to properly express yourself.  A limited vocabulary is frustrating and can reflect negatively on an individual.  On the other hand, a broad vocabulary is linked with success not only in the business and professional world, but also in social settings.

There are so many words in the English language that are confusing to use.  Many are tinted with slight shades of meaning or are commonly misused.  Even for native-speaking and well-educated English speakers, building a respectable vocabulary is not always easy (or it is just plain boring). In anticipation of a new project in the works for us here at Aaron’s English Page, we have developed a special crossword puzzle game with PuzzleFast of 25 vocabulary words every English speaker should know (Click the link and scroll down the page for the answers, but don’t cheat!).  This game is fun way to test out and improve your vocabulary skills.  Give it a try and keep an eye out for a great new online vocabulary course, soon to come!

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